Communication of vaccination rates and the benefits associated with a supported vaccination program appear to me to be clear and undisputable. Take for example a recent discussion on the ABC program, The World Today, regarding the positive data showing reduced rates of genital warts due to HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccination. Dr Basil Donovan, a world expert on sexual health,  discussed how, through analysis of patients from eight large healthcare facilities around NSW, a significant decline in genital warts was observed. Since the vaccine was made available free to young Australian women in 2007 a decline of 60% has been observed. Clear and concise data like this is easy to understand and the benefits are clear, let’s hope the results are similar for the reduction in the rate of cervical cancer.

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  1. Erin says:

    Hey Sally,

    I remember when I got the HPV vaccinations, not just because they hurt (a lot!), but because I had an argument with an acquaintance in the US (in Minnesota) over them. She said that they were being banned over there because they weren’t safe, as they were rolled out before a long-term effects study could be conducted, and because they made those who received them suffer! They completely ignored all the good coming from having the vaccinations, and it certainly sounded like they’d convinced the public that the vaccine was evil. I have no idea what truth there is behind this, but perhaps that’s something you could look into?


    • slygg says:

      Thanks Erin. I know there has been quite a debate with regards to the HPV vaccine not just in the States but in many countries. Apart form the isloated incidences of a negative reaction to the vaccination (I dont know the stats but wll look up later and inlcude in my blog) I think that there is also and element of public concern over whether the wrong message is being sent out to the young women in the population. In a conservative society such as the USA and suggestion that it is OK to have sex will be met with a great deal of distrust. I just wonder whether this is having an affect on the way support for this vaccination is being communicated. Perhaps the public have an agenda here!!!!

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