It’s a numbers game

Other areas that external elements to the vaccination debate focus on are the apparent lack of testing of vaccines and the apparent link of vaccination to both immediate and long adverse side effects. Conditions from headaches and fever to autism, epilepsy and diabetes have been said to be caused by vaccination. However, these links have never been proven scientifically. The AVN website in fact states that “More than 40% of all children now suffer from chronic conditions, something that was unheard of prior to mass vaccination.” Using statistics in this way is a very effective mechanism to communicate a particular message and at face value this quote is quite disturbing but I think it is important to look at what is actually being said. When did mass vaccination begin, the late 1700’s, so perhaps improvements in the healthcare system and individuals ability to seek medical advice has meant that detection, naming  and measurement of these diseases has improved substantially this would lead to an increase in the number of children being found to suffer chronic conditions. Another reason for such an increase could be an occurrence around the same time as mass vaccination but that had nothing to do with vaccination-correlation is not causation.

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