Similar external elements to this controversy such as the AVN exist in the US and other areas of the developed world and although they all proclaim  not to be anti-vaccination, merely wanting to supply the public with ALL the information so they can make an informed decision, their websites tell a different story. If you look at the AVN website under the category of general vaccine information, a place I think most people would start, there is a list of very negative factors concerning vaccines. For example, vaccines are formulated with toxic substances and can contain  human and animal-derived contaminants such as viruses and bacteria. Now, although I am not going to delve into each claim that the AVN have with regards to why we should not vaccinate our children I do have some experience in my current scientific role with regards to these points. The AVN is quite correct in their statement about how vaccines are formulated, what they fail to mention is that there has never been a recorded infection of a human with an animal-derived virus due to vaccination. Having said that,  government agencies such as the Federal Drug Administration are advising vaccine manufacturers that the industry needs to move away from the use of animal-derived raw materials and additives as a precaution. As the industry and regulatory agencies gain more understanding in the manufacture of these vaccines, processes are being optimised to improve  the safety, efficacy as well as the volumetric productivity. As these processes evolve I believe the benefits of the current vaccination programs and processes far out way any potential negative effects. I will discuss this ethical debate later in another post.

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